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  • Do you wish to work in the UK after graduating?

Yes, now there is good news for every student. You can work in the UK after graduating with your degree or course. UK’s new student visa policy has allowed you to get a job or work after graduation for two years. This policy is included in September 2020 fall. Now you can take time after your graduation, and you can do the job there. You would be able to do any work related to your degree or course. NWC Nigeria team can help you to apply for a work in the UK (PSW) visa.

  • Why chooses the UK for study & Work in the UK?

The universities of the UK have highly regarded standards. They have experts on every academic topic. Above all, they are considered as one of the top-ranked countries among academic careers and institutions. Their policies are user-friendly with students. They offer multiple packages for international and national students.

Moreover, the British education system has been a standard for the higher education system for the whole world for a long time. And now they have more revolutionary teaching styles and modern facilities. This is why choosing the option of the UK is preferred.

  • What will you do during the off periods or semester break?

You can multiple jobs related to your course work and degree. Now the UK new visa policy has allowed the students to stay in the UK for two years to do a job. So this is a good and healthy chance for you to apply for September 2020 fall. You can quickly work for hours apart from study. But make sure do not work more than 8 hours as you will be breaking the rules of a UK student Visa. NWC Nigeria can help you to gain admission to the UK University without any agency fee.

  • How do you know if your UK visa is accepted or approved?

You don’t come to know immediately that either your Visa is accepted or rejected. Or maybe it has been sent to VSF. But as the process will be done on your visa application and documents, you will be notified through an email address of confirmation or rejection. This is how after some days, you will be known about your visa application status. NWC Nigeria team will guide you in detail.

  • What are the questions which are asked in the UK visa interview?

It may include several questions like why do you think you should get this scholarship? Or why have you chosen this university or UK? Why don’t you want to study in your own country? There will be tremendous questions related to determining your decision to go abroad.

  • How can you pass your UK visa interview?

Through excellent communication skills and all the required documentation on the table, you can become competent for an interview. If you answered all the questions with great skill and appropriateness, you would have a maximum chance to pass the interview.

  • Does a UK student’s Visa get rejected?

Yes, UK students’ Visa gets rejected by UK consultants when their requirements are not met. Although the UK is friendly in giving study visas, you may face rejection if you are not meeting the needs.

  • Can a friend sponsor you for the UK?

Yes, suppose someone from your family or friend circle wants to let you in for studies in the UK. In that case, you have to apply for a standard visitor visa to check out the environment and ambiance, thereby using through your nearest visa application centre. (VCA)

  • How long will it take to have a UK visa after the interview?

According to British high commission services standards, 90% of applications are reviewed in 3 weeks, 98% of applications are reviewed in 6 weeks, and 100% of applications are reviewed in 12 weeks after the application date. So this is the approximate time taken by the applicants.

  • Why does UK Visa get rejected?

The most important and common factors which lead your Visa to get rejected are deception in documents, submitting fraudulent statements and false documentation. It can be either due to a deportation order if the person is in the previous record of submitting fraudulent documents. This is why a UK visa can be rejected many times.

  • Can you reapply if your Visa is rejected?

Yes, you can reapply if your Visa was rejected due to the absence of some proof or due to not coming up on visa application requirements. When you feel eligible for the visa application, then you can reapply for your study Visa.

  • What should you do if your UK visa is refused?

You can resubmit your application if you are refused due to the credibility of evidence and requirements. Several recommendations suggest that you apply for an administrative review compared to use with a new CAS for a new application because that would be really hectic and time taking again.

  • Can you get the UK to work Visa without sponsorship?

If you think that you are a skilled worker, you must have a skilled worker Visa. You can apply for a skilled visa if you have been offered a professional job inside the UK. But for this, you must have a certificate of sponsorship COS from a licensed sponsor inside the UK. This is not very tough; you may take a little time to get a UK visa without sponsorship. But eventually, you can get this.

  • How much is the bank balance required to apply for a UK student visa?

You must have 4000 pounds in your bank savings. If you have less amount, then this will lead you to have visa refusal. However, UK visas and immigration have not specified what is acceptable and appropriate in terms of funds. Other than this, you must have given a bank statement to them and a signed letter if they want to take money from your account; they can take it anytime if you fail to pay your dues.

  • What is a priority visa for Uk?

This service helps you to get a jump over the non-priority Visa under tier 2 by paying out an extra fee. Their home office will decide in 5 days for having your biometrics appointment.

How can I Work in the UK after graduation?

NWC Nigeria team will guide you to make your PSW application free of charge

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  • Yahya sodiq
    July 22, 2021 3:15 pm

    I want to apply into university of west England and there is tuition deposit is 3000pounds pls how much is it in naira..

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