How to apply and get a UK student visa from Nigeria?

UK Student Visa Guide for Nigerian Students

Do you want to study in Nigeria? If yes, this is the right place for your information about UK scholarships and UK student VISA for Nigerian students. So for having information on this, don’t go anywhere, stay here, and find everything you need.

Types of UK Student Visa

  • Short term study visa: This visa is used to do short term courses in the UK, Nigerian students can take this visa for their short-term courses such as English courses. These visas can be used from 6 months to up to 11 months.
  • Tier 4 sponsor license: Then the next type is Tier 4 sponsor license; if you want to work or study for a more extended period in the U.K., you have to take this license.
  • Tier 4 child student: This is a category of Tier 4 visas. Children who are of aged 7-14 can take this visa.
  • Tier 4 General student visa: This is another category of Tier 4 visa for people of age 16 and above from 16.

UK student visa requirements for Nigerian students

Now it’s time to discuss the requirements of a U.K. student visa. If you are a Nigerian student and have applied for a U.K. visa, there can be different requirements for the pass according to your institution selection or courses. Your course instructor may help you to get into things. Usually, the visa processing time varies, but it may go from 2-3 months for Nigerian students. But apart from these things, a U.K. student visa is granted because of the following items; you need to provide these things in your documentation.

  • Details in your passport
  • Your recent photographs
  • You have to get 30 points from CAS that is confirmation of acceptance for studies.
  • Proof for Suitable English Proficiency. It is essential to avoid any mishap in the future. Many language preparation institutions may help you to fulfil this requirement if you lack somehow in it.
  • You should have proof with strong financial back up so that they may have a backup from your finances if you become unable to pay fees there.
  • You may need to have an ATAS certificate if you need to study a sensitive subject.

All the above requirements must be filled appropriately because each condition has specific points, and you will be awarded these points for your visa. Plus, the proof of financial or bank statement can be given through any bank letter or income letter so that they may be able to know about your financial condition.

One person has to show 1015 pounds per month for getting a U.K. visa. Then there can be submitting your academic documents, for example, your degrees, certificates, C.V.s, interview qualifications or biometric test. But there can be specific tests such as for T.B. or medical vaccinations as there is a COVID pandemic nowadays.

The students who are below age 17 should have a written consent letter from their parents. The most important thing is that you have to apply through an online website to apply for a visa. After getting the green signal from your institute instructor, please apply for a visa as it may time a long time.

UK student visa fee for Nigerian students

Currently, the ongoing fee of a U.K. student visa is almost 348 pounds. Moreover, you also have to pay Surcharge payment so that you can enjoy the health insurance there. It may cost you almost 150 pounds per year. A short-term visa fee is 97 pounds for six months and 186 pounds for 11 months.

Applying for the UK visa

The application is being applied through the online website of a U.K. student visa. You have to fill all the paperwork mentioned on the website and process the application status further. It’s a compassionate step as all the questions should be filled with proper attention.

Using a UK student visa

When you come into the state of the U.K., the U.K. authorities will stamp their label on your visa. You will get official permission to live in the U.K. with your stamped access; for example, if you have reached the tier 4 visa, you may live for a longer duration in the U.K. After the visa period, you cannot stay in this country. So all the Nigerian students who will apply for this visa would have to come back to Nigeria after the visa completion.

As you all know, there is a pandemic of COVID-19 everywhere, so the trends have changed. You cannot go to the airports or another country without the proper vaccination or sanitising your hands. You have to take all the medical evidence, which will show that you are free from COVID. Moreover, when it’s about luggage instructions, then the rules are not very changed. You have to take a specific weight of your luggage. Luggage heavier than this weight will not be able to enter into the state. The U.K. border state officers will ensure that you do not want a mishap with these specific requirements. Another critical piece of news regarding this section is that you may have to register yourself with the police after departure in London.

Working during the study in the UK

You can work during the study according to this new visa. There are specific time hours according to which you can work in the U.K. According to further rules, those funded with tier 4 visas can work up to 20 hours. You have permission to work for 10 hours in most cases, especially when you have a short-term courses visa. As you all know, Nigerian students can get a U.K. visa, so it’s not challenging and complicated. You have to fulfil all the requirements according to the standards, and the visa will be in your hand. Remember one thing; dreams don’t come true until or unless you do the hard work.

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