How to find the best study abroad agent in Nigeria?

Find the top-rated UK admission agents in Nigeria

Every Nigerian student has a quest to study in the UK. The opportunity of studying at one of the highly-rated UK universities is not very easy to achieve; therefore, many students struggle hard to come to the level of getting this opportunity. There are different procedures through which you have to go through. Studying in the UK is a huge chance to make a better future, but it demands various sacrifices too. Students have to fulfil different requirements according to each institution or country. But it is not entirely dependent on a student’s effort. Choosing an agency in this journey of getting scholarships or an abroad study visa is essential. The more you choose a better decision, the more chances you will obtain a suitable study permit. So, if you are doing your best to get an abroad study visa, just read our segment.

It will provide you with enough information on study abroad agents in Nigeria so that you may take help from an agency to get a study visa.

Key factors to see while considering the best study abroad agent

Following are some key factors that you need to consider while selecting the best study abroad agent.

Affiliation of agency

To choose the best study abroad agent in Nigeria, you must consider that the agency should be affiliated with a recognized institute or abroad university because this is how they will grant you a loyal and trustworthy admission with an abroad visa.

Registered or not?

Spending some time to research your selected agency is significant. What will you feel if you come to know that the agency you are seeking help or trying to take out admission is not registered with the local or international government? So the agency must be registered.

Testimonial checklist

You might need to see their testimonials through their website. If they have uploaded it on the website, check eye view whether it is correct. And if they have not uploaded some testimonials, then this is a red alert. Find out online their testimonial pages. An agency with a testimonial checklist is a good agency.

Inquiry about study tours

An important factor while considering an agency is that you have to inquire about the study tours. You may ask them to let you in for a bit of a study tour. The agency asking you to let a tour for yourself and see the study is trustworthy.

Compare costs

Always compare the costs and see which agency is giving you perfect assistance in minimum amount. It may take some of your time but selecting an agency with less visa application costs is essential.

Read contract thoroughly

Read the entire contract thoroughly. A good abroad agent will give you maximum time to read and ensure that everything is excellent and reasonable. They will not put you in a hurry, and you can have maximum time to understand the contract.

Good experience and credentials

Before taking out assistance from any agency, you must research whether it has good experience in assisting other students or not. That university must have good credentials regarding their work. You can find out such things through their online websites.

What is NWC, and Why should you choose it?

NWC stands for New Way consultancy, the agency in Nigeria working since 2005. It is a trustworthy agent for abroad scholarships of universities as it has all the qualities mentioned above to be the best study abroad agent. It is considered as one of the top university agents in Nigeria for getting admission to the UK. Since 2005, it is serving Nigerian students with different admission services in the UK. It costs you fewer fees as it does not charge any agency fee. Moreover, it also helps you get scholarships from the university you want to study in the UK.

How to find out scam agencies?

When we have seen all the things regarding the best agencies in Nigeria for abroad study, let’s also discuss the fake agencies. What are the red alerts while considering our best study abroad agency? Here you go with those red alerts.

They will promise you a visa at any cost

Such agencies will make sure about your visa, while in reality, an agency does not know that either the government of that country will accept the visa application or not. They can help you with the route. So beware at that time.

They will help you in creating fake documents

This is a really big red alert. Creating illegal documents is highly criminal and unethical. You may suffer from this. To avoid such agencies which are pushing or helping you to create some fake documents for getting admission in abroad universities.

They will promise you for admission

For convincing you at any cost, they will manipulate you to dream of admission to an abroad university. How can an agency tell you that whether a specific university will grant admission or not? So it’s another red alert too.

They will inflate the fees

The other thing is that they will not be consistent about fees. They will demand you money in the name of the application process so that they may scam it in the end.

They may offer you an uncredited university

They can charge you for a highly qualified university, but in the end, you will be available just for the uncredited university. So researching the university of abroad countries is needed.


Keep in mind that we are giving you suggestions based on reviews and our thorough studies. You have to decide your decision with your complete research regarding each agency. There are many websites which are offering detailed reviews regarding each agency, you can also consult them for further information. We hope that this article will resolve all your queries.

Are you looking for a trusted student agent in Nigeria to study in the UK? Contact us today with considence. We offer FREE and reliable service to Nigerian students.

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