How to obtain a UK student visa for Nigeria?

How to obtain a UK student visa for Nigeria? It is a common question for Nigerian students wanting to study in the UK. Many Nigerian students want to get their higher degrees from the UK as there are many benefits of studying there. In this article, we will talk about UK student visa requirements, all the conditions you need to meet, and how long you may have to wait to obtain a UK student visa for Nigeria.

Why do Nigerian students choose the UK?

The UK has a long history of excellence in higher education starting from as early as the year 1800. Some of the oldest universities like the University of Oxford are located in the UK. It is one of the top-ranked universities in the world and the #1 University in the UK. A degree from a UK university is well reputed as you get your degrees from some of the best universities with the highest ranking in the world. 

Graduating from a UK university will open the door to many job opportunities available for you in the UK and in your home country. These are the reasons why the UK becomes the choice of nearly half a million international students every year and the students want to obtain a UK student visa for Nigeria.

Preparing to obtain a UK student visa for Nigeria


Choose the right course and university:

The first thing to do before applying for a UK student visa is to choose a course and university. This is the most important part so a student should carefully go through all the universities, check their course fees, discount options, available courses, and everything that the student might need to check. Look for the best university that offers your desired course and meets your standard. Choosing the right course and university that you can be benefited from is very important. 

Check with the university’s English proficiency requirements:

The English language requirement for each university can vary depending on the course and university. Some universities may require you to get IELTS 6.0 for an undergraduate course while some others can require 6.5 or even lower. Therefore, it is recommended that you check their requirements in order to check whether you will be eligible or not.

However, for Nigerian students, UK universities also accept their WAEC and NECO test results. They can be used as an alternative to IELTS which means if you get the desired WAEC or NECO grade you will not need to show your IELTS result or take an IELTS test. Go through the university requirements on their website to check all the requirements needed for you to apply to the university and you should have no more issues. 

Choose the right intake:

UK universities mainly have 3 intakes in May, September, and January. Take your time to choose the right university and course then the next step for you is to check if you can go for the next intake. If you are too intake for the September intake for example you can target the next intake which is January. This way you can also have some time to re-consider your courses and university selection. Choosing the wrong intake, institution, or course can have a bad impact on your life and most importantly career. It is therefore important for you to take them into your consideration first.

Now, let us look at what documents you need to obtain a UK student visa from Nigeria.

What documents are needed to obtain a UK student visa for Nigeria?


These are the documents needed to obtain a UK student visa for Nigeria:

  1. A valid Nigerian passport
  2. Reference letter from your current institution
  3. All academic certificates from your institution 
  4. WAEC/NECO certificate, results
  5. Your IELTS test results (if available and required)
  6. An updated copy of your CV

Important FAQs:

  • Can I apply with my spouse?

Answer: Yes, you can apply with your spouse for a UK student visa from Nigeria. Please consult with your university or check with spouse visa requirements for questions regarding this.

  • Can I study in the UK without IELTS?

Answer: You can study in the UK without IELTS with your WAEC or NECO test results and obtain a UK student visa for Nigeria.

  • Is there any discount offer for UK universities?

Answer: UK universities always have discount offers available for international students including students from Nigeria. Please check on the university’s website in order to know how much discount they are going to provide.

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