WAEC/NECO Accepted UK Universities for Nigeria

WAEC/NECO Accepted UK Universities for Nigeria:

If you are a Nigerian student wanting to pursue your higher degrees abroad you might be wondering what some of the WAEC/NECO accepted UK universities for Nigeria are. Whether or not having a WAEC or NECO certificate will be sufficient enough for you to get into a UK university.

Out of the many other requirements required by UK universities, having enough documentation to prove that you’re proficient enough in English is a must. Unless English is your first language you will have to prove your English proficiency to the UK university that you are applying to. When you visit the UK your only option will be to speak English. Your course, presentations, tests, and assignments everything will be in English. Moreover, if you are looking for attractive discounts the level of your English proficiency will be a vital point.

There are different ways of proving your English proficiency for Nigerian students. Different courses and universities have different English proficiency score requirements. IELTS is the most common test accepted by UK universities. The students can surely apply with IELTS. However, there are also WAEC/NECO accepted UK Universities for Nigeria. If you can apply with WAEC/NECO then you will not need to take an IELTS test. Therefore, many students look for WAEC/NECO accepted UK universities for Nigeria.

What is WAEC & NECO?

WAEC stands for West African Examinations Council. It is an examination conducted by the examination board of English-speaking west African countries. WAEC is an internationally recognized test accepted by a number of UK Universities.

NECO (The national examinations council) In order for Nigerian students to apply to a University an examination is conducted by NECO. Passing this test allows Nigerian students to apply to UK universities as NECO is accepted by many UK universities as well.

What are the WAEC & NECO requirements?

If a Nigerian student has an IELTS certificate he/she will no longer need to show their WAEC or NECO results. For most undergraduate and postgraduate courses the IELTS requirement is usually 6.0 or 6.5. Some universities may accept students with 5.5 scores. However, if you did not take an IELTS test you may want to apply with WAEC and NECO. For them, the minimum grade accepted by UK universities is C6. If you took the tests a long time ago then you may have to do IELTS.

For students who are not from English-spoken countries, for example, Nigeria. You must provide the university with proper evidence to prove your English proficiency. As mentioned before, the required grade is determined by the UK university that you apply to.

Now, let us look at a list of the WAEC/NECO accepted UK Universities for Nigeria and also their requirements for Nigerian students.

WAEC/NECO Accepted UK Universities for Nigeria:



University Name Requirement for WAEC/NECO
1 The University of Birmingham C in English Language 
2 The University of Sheffield  C6 in English 
3 The University of Dundee C6 in English 
4 The University of Southampton C6 in WAEC English
5 The University of Edinburgh 

Must complete a foundation program


Important FAQs:


  • Can I apply with IELTS if I don’t have WAEC/NECO?

Answer: Absolutely. IELTS is the most preferred test required by UK universities.

  • How to apply to the WAEC/NECO Accepted UK Universities for Nigeria?

Answer: We NWC Nigeria can help you apply to any WAEC/NECO universities in the UK. Make a free appointment with us and our counselors will get back to you regarding this. 

  • What to do if I did not get sufficient grades in WAEC/NECO?

Answer: Unfortunately, the only option left for you will be to prepare for an IELTS test. Check what is the university’s IELTS requirement and prepare for IELTS.


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