How to Use NECO Result Checker 2023

How to Use NECO Result Checker 2023:

NECO was first established by the former head of state of Nigeria in the year 1999. NECO stands for The National Examination Council responsible for conducting the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination for Nigerian students. NECO results can be shown as an alternative to WAEC results in Nigeria, which is how it becomes an important topic to discuss how to use NECO result checker 2023. Nigerian students receive 3 years of senior secondary education which includes Mathematics and English as compulsory subjects. Mathematics may not be required for higher studies in Nigeria or when studying abroad. However, this totally depends on what course a student is going to study.

What makes NECO important for Nigerian students?

NECO is a must to proceed further with higher education for a Nigerian student. If you are planning to study abroad NECO can be a huge help as NECO is accepted by many global universities including universities in the UK. If you hold a NECO certificate with a minimum grade of C6 you will not need to sit for an IELTS test. Universities accepting NECO results will not require IELTS or WAEC from you. NECO can be used as an alternative to WAEC. You can either choose to attend your NECO exam or WAEC depending on your needs. However, NECO is only for Nigerian students.

Things you need to know to use NECO Result Checker 2023:

A student should be informed that he/she must have a token in order to use their NECO result checker 2023. The token will have the required information needed to access the result checker. Therefore, it is essential that the student purchases a token that is available at different outlets in Nigeria. The current price of the token is 625 Nigerian Naira. In order to buy the token, you must visit the NECO Registration Portal and register on the website if you do not already have an account. You can also do so on your phone. Once you login with your existing or newly created account you will be prompted to the webpage to buy your token required for NECO result checker 2023.

How to Use NECO Result Checker 2023:

Once you have your token it is no longer a difficult thing to check your NECO result online. Follow the steps which are mentioned down below and you will have access to your NECO results easily. You can also follow this procedure on your phone. Just make sure it is connected to the internet.    

1. The first step is to go to the NECO Result Checker website on your phone or computer.    

2. Enter your exam year     

3. The type of your exam    

4. The token number (the one you purchased)  

5. Finally, the registration number of your exam, click on check result, and you will be able to see your results.

What if you do not get your desired grade?

Unfortunately, many Nigerian students tend to believe that if they did not get their desired course they can upgrade their grades. Please be informed that anyone claiming that they can upgrade your NECO grades is a fraud and you should avoid falling for such scams. NECO grades cannot be upgraded. Therefore, the students are advised to prepare well before taking the examination.

Important FAQs:


     1. Can I use the NECO result checker 2023 without the registration number?

Answer:  No, you must have the registration number which was given to you when attending the examination.  

     2. How to collect the NECO certificate?

Answer:  You can collect your certificate from your institution.  

     3. Can I check my results without having to buy the token?

Answer:  No, you must buy the token first. Otherwise, you will not be able to register and view your results.  



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