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Finding accommodation in the UK for Nigeria

Finding accommodation in the UK for Nigeria

Have you already obtained your UK student visa but are worried about finding accommodation in the UK? Stay with us as we share with you some important things to know about finding accommodation in the UK for Nigeria.

The first step to take when thinking about studying in the UK is finding the right course and the right university. Then comes accommodation which is very important to think about since this is where you will be staying while studying in the UK. It is important for students to find accommodation near their campus so that they can easily attend their classes without facing any difficulties. 

Finding suitable accommodations in the UK can be difficult if no prior plans have been made. The student has to find the right accommodation depending on their budget considering a few factors including, the number of people traveling with the student, and the length of stay.  There is both furnished and unfurnished accommodation for international students in the UK. Students can make long-term or short-term contracts when renting their accommodation.

What types are there when finding accommodation in the UK for Nigeria?

It is important to know about the types of accommodation before finding accommodation in the UK for Nigeria. There are mainly two types of accommodations that Nigerian students should know about.

University Accommodation

University-offered accommodations are located inside the university. This basically means the dormitory that is offered by the University itself. Students can get the chance of selecting the type of accommodation they want meaning single or shared rooms. University accommodations are preferred for students since they will be staying inside the university and have no issues with attending classes every day.

Private Accommodation

Private accommodation simply means renting your accommodation outside the campus which includes private flats, student halls, etc. It is preferred for students to find this type of accommodation near the campus so that they can conveniently attend their classes. This type of accommodation can be either furnished or unfurnished depending on what the student needs. Nigerian students can choose between private and shared accommodations when it comes to choosing private accommodation.

How can you book your accommodation in the UK?

Finding accommodation in the UK for Nigeria is not difficult in the UK as long as you know how to. You can get the help of your university with finding suitable accommodation for you. If you are going for university-offered accommodation then the university will help you book your accommodation which will be ready for you upon your arrival in the UK. 

On the other hand, private accommodation has to be booked by you online. With a little bit of googling you can find hundreds of websites where you can find the right type of accommodation that you are looking for. Make sure to do proper research about living in the UK and UK in general before you fly to the country.

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Important FAQs:

  1. How to book accommodation if I am flying with my spouse?

Answer: The procedure will be the same if you are going to study in the UK with your spouse.

  1. Do I have to book accommodation before flying to the UK?

Answer: It is preferable for you to do so before flying since you may have to answer questions regarding accommodation.

  1. Which type of accommodation is the best?

Answer: University-offered accommodation can be beneficial for you. However, depending on the student the case can be different. Therefore, you are requested to choose the type of accommodation that you want.