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NECO Timetable for 2024/2025 – June & July

Every year thousands of students attend the NECO exam which is the senior school certificate exam for Nigerian students. NECO results can be used as an alternative to WAEC. However, unlike WAEC which is for west African students, NECO is only for Nigerian students. This means only Nigerians can attend this examination.

The next upcoming NECO examination is going to be held Nigerian students waiting to attend the national examinations council (NECO) are to be informed that their 2024 exam timetable has been published for June and July. You can check the NECO timetable for 2024/2025 that is given below and prepare yourselves for the exam.

What is NECO for Nigerian students?

The former head of state Abulsalami Abubakar first founded NECO in April 1999. NECO is an examination body in Nigeria. NECO stands for National examinations council which is responsible for conducting the senior secondary examination and general certificate.

Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE)

The BECE examination is taken after 3 years of secondary school in Ghana and Nigeria. Nigerian students have to take this examination in order to get into secondary and vocational schools. This examination is taken in May and June in Nigeria.

Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE)

There are two types of Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations including an internal and external certificate exam. The external exam is for private students from other schools and the internal test is for students who are in the final year of their senior secondary education.

National Common Entrance Exam or NCEE

Nigerian students take this examination of NCEE when they are in the 6th year of their basic education in their schools. Nigerian students take this examination in order to get into federal government-owned schools. Government schools are well-reputed in Nigeria and get better privileges which is why many Nigerian students choose to take this examination.

International Recognition of NECO

NECO examination results can be used as an alternative to WAEC as mentioned before. NECO is an internationally recognized examination and is accepted by hundreds of universities. For example, many UK universities accept NECO results. Most universities require a score of C6 for NECO. If you are planning to study abroad in a country like the UK you are advised to check the university requirements for further information regarding this.

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NECO Result Timetable for 2024/2025

You can check the NECO timetable for 2024/2025 here on the original NECO website. You can follow this timetable to know when your examination is going to be held in order to prepare yourself for the examination. After attending the examination you will have to buy a token and register on the website in order to check your results.

In this article here, we have explained more about the whole NECO examination and how to check NECO exam results. So make sure you also go through our article on NECO examination results as we have briefly explained the steps one by one for you to follow.


You are always advised to check the NECO timetable for 2024/2025 on the original NECO website in order to get the right timetable and information. Checking the timetable elsewhere may end up giving you the wrong information, therefore, it is always advised that you get the right information from a trusted source. If you have more queries or want to show your NECO results to study abroad you can do so by contacting us. NECO timetable for 2024/2025 will be helpful for students attending the NECO exam next year and getting into their desired university in Nigeria or in countries like the UK.